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wcgs_logo The purpose of this statement is to re-examine and restate the aims of The West Chiswick & Gunnersbury Society (WC&GS).

Since its inception in December 2001, the Society has aimed to protect and, where possible, enhance the quality of life of the residents of The West Chiswick and Gunnersbury area. It has done this with particular regard to the quality of the built environment, the provision of public amenities, transportation and local government services. The Society has also sought to bear down on noise, light and air pollution. In short, the Society aims to preserve our part of London as a pleasant and healthy place to live, while admitting the necessity for adaptation and development in a changing world.

To this end, the WC&GS has supported those developments which would enhance the quality of life of the residents. For example, while it approves in principle of the construction of buildings which will bring employment and amenity to the area, it always looks at the potential impact of these buildings on their neighbours. The Society resists the tendency of developers to press for very tall buildings whose mass and design would change the fundamental character of the area. The Society’s policy is that new buildings should be restricted to six storeys, unless they are well separated from the core area.

Although the WC&GS cannot claim 100% success in seeking environmental improvements or opposing unacceptable developments, it has been successful in halting the “Croydonisation” of our part of Chiswick with tall buildings. It is also opposing moves to turn Chiswick Roundabout into a “Las Vegas” of advertising signs and resists attempts to allow a late night drinking culture to take root in our part of the High Road. We have also been involved in improving the safety of pedestrians, for example at the junction of Arlington Gardens with Sutton Lane North and in Sutton Court Road.

The WC&GS will continue to foster these aims in future years:

1. To act as a voice for the residents of West Chiswick and Gunnersbury.
2. To protect and enhance the Conservation Areas in our area, namely the Thorney Hedge, Wellesley and Turnham Green Conservation Areas.
3. To seek environmental and other improvements for those parts of our area not included in the Conservation Areas.
4. To resist unacceptable planning developments considered detrimental to the area.
5. To operate as a democratic organisation according to its Constitution, with the officers being elected by the members at an Annual General Meeting.
6. To operate in a non-party-political manner and to encourage the expression of free speech.
7. To provide regular reports to the members and residents at public meetings, with written reports and minutes published on the Society’s website

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