Planning Development


The Society’s Management Committee scrutinises the Council’s list of new planning applications and its Pending Decisions List week by week and takes action on relevant items. Such action may include submitting comments to planning officers, speaking at Planning Committee meetings, writing to the Planning Inspectorate on appeals and attending Public Inquiries.


This section of the website provides summaries of some planning applications (buildings and advertisements) upon which the Society has taken action in the period from 2013. It includes schemes which would impact on our area and on the quality of life of our members and other local residents. To avoid overloading the website, not all applications on which we have taken action are included.


Building and Advertisements are included in separate sections (unless the advertisement is integral to the building) and applications in each section are grouped into an eastern area – covering developments east of the Chiswick Roundabout and including those in Chiswick Town Centre and a western area – covering developments at or near the Chiswick Roundabout, including those in Power Road, and those between the roundabout and Kew Bridge, including Capital Interchange Way and Lionel Road South.

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Buildings – western area


Building – eastern area




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