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wcgs_logo8 Essex Place

An application (00418/8/P4) for a new building providing flats and ground-floor offices has been approved.


empire house

wcgs_logoEmpire House, 408 – 430 Chiswick High Road and surroundings

(00248/408-430/P1) Permission granted in April 2015 for the comprehensive redevelopment of the site for residential led mixed use development, including alterations and additions to Empire House, erection of a 7/8 storey block and four 3-storey townhouses on Essex Place and a 5-storey block on the corner of Essex Place and Acton Lane, creating a total of 137 dwellings.

WCGS comments submitted on this application are available here.

Judicial Review launched by local resident with support from community groups including WCGS. A complete new application was submitted by Lend Lease in February 2016 (application 00248/408-430/P2) with very minor changes.

WCGS comments submitted on this new 2016 application are available here.

This second application was approved by the Planning Committee in May 2016 but was withdrawn by the applicant in June 2016 so that permission reverts to P1.

An article in the local media in November 2016 reported that Sainsbury’s had acquired the freehold of its carpark and suggested that the two companies had been in exploratory talks to see if there was a way forward towards a comprehensive development of the combined Sainsbury/Lend Lease site.  A further article on W4 in March 2017 indicated that Hounslow Council was seeking investors to redevelop the site surrounding the supermarket at international property conference MIPIM in Cannes .

While there has been no activity on site for months and marketing has ceased, enquiries of the developer and the Council concerning the consented scheme have drawn a blank.

The Society, along with other local residents’ groups, considers that the depressing sight of the empty shops in a key parade within the town centre and of the car-parks with the felled trees is causing harm to the visual amenity of the town centre and the Turnham Green Conservation Area and could well be having a negative impact on local businesses.

.No response was received from Lendlease to the Society’s request for an explanation for the lack of action or to its suggested interim measures to mitigate the negative impact (November 2017).
Lendlease has now (April 2018) put the site up for sale.
Chiswick councillors are in communication with Lendlease about taking some action on the empty shops and car-parks (October 2018).
Please note that the former Valentina premises for which there is an application for a new shopfront etc is quite separate from the Empire House/Lendlease scheme.
wcgs_logoConduit House 309-317 Chiswick High Road

(00248/309-317/P8) Demolition of existing building and the erection of a 5-storey building with total of 21 residential units plus commercial space, basement car park and landscaping was refused in December 2015 but allowed on appeal in August 2016.

Another consented scheme which is not being progressed with the result of yet more empty shops.

Demolition work is now underway (November 2018).

wcgs_logoBond House 347- 353 Chiswick High Road

(00248/347-353/PA1) Prior Approval granted for conversion of office to residential August 2015. (00248/347-353/P27) Permission was granted April 2016 for change of use from office to medical.

Conversion of this building is complete and the Medical Centre is open.


wcgs_logo367 Chiswick High Road (Labour Party HQ)

(00248/367/P6) Application for conversion of ground-floor offices to residential withdrawn in March 2016. WCGS requested that any future development should not entail harmful changes to the exterior of this unique and historic building. (00248/367/P7) Permission was granted for modified proposals in September 2016.


wcgs_logo492-496 Chiswick High Road (above Wickes)

(00248/492-496/P7) Erection of an additional floor and reconfiguration of the internal layout of the existing first floor to provide in total 7 self-contained residential units was refused in June 2015. (00248/492-496/P8) New application for slightly modified proposal was refused in December 2015 and an appeal was dismissed in July 2016.

WCGS comments submitted on this application are available here.

(00248/492-496/P9) New application with further modification was approved by Planning Committee in February 2017.


wcgs_logo500 Chiswick High Road

(00248/CY/P1) Demolition of 500 Chiswick High Road and 30-32 Chiswick Road. Redevelopment to provide 61 residential units, including 5 town houses, plus office space, a basement level and cycle and car parking with landscaping. Permission was granted in July 2014. Application for changes (00248/CY/P2) including increase to 69 residential units, layout, detailed design and landscaping; permission was granted August 2016.

Construction well advanced; further changes to uses on ground-floor/basement approved in July 2017.


wcgs_logo510 Chiswick High Road (formerly Institute of Advanced Motoring)

(00248/510/PA1& 2) Approval was granted for conversion of offices to 21/23 residential in March/April 2016. Applications for modifications including addition of windows (00248/510/P1) and 3 storeys (+6 units) (00248/510/P2) still in progress in March 2017; that for infill of undercroft (00248/510/P3) was withdrawn in September 2016.

Modified proposal (00248/510/P2) for addition of 2 floors (4 residential units) approved in April 2017 bringing total number of residential units to 27. Work is in progress.


wcgs_logo512-18 Chiswick High Road (Mortlake House)

(00248/512-518/P31) addition of 2 storeys to provide an additional 4 maisonettes. The building is currently retail (Halfords) at ground level plus 5 storeys of residential (20 flats). Application was refused December 2013 and an appeal was dismissed in July 2014.

 A proposal (00248/512-518/P32) to add 2 floors (8 residential units) was approved on December 2016. Work is in progress.


wcgs_logoChiswick Business Park: Pedestrian Bridge

New applications were submitted to LB Hounslow (00248/D/P62) and LB Ealing because the 2012 permissions had been allowed to lapse. WCGS commented especially with respect to link to occupation of Building 7. Application was approved by LB Hounslow Planning Committee in December 2015 – with no deadline and no link to Building 7; Legal Agreement was still not signed by February 2017.

Legal Agreement signed in May 2017; construction underway with footbridge expected to be completed by the end of 2018.


See also Gunnersbury Station here.


wcgs_logoThe Building (office block next to the Gunnersbury pub)

(00248/578-586/P14, P15 and AD3) Applications for change of use of the ground floor of this building from office to retail were submitted in October 2017. A Co-op local store was proposed. The Society is pleased that the application was approved by Hounslow Council in January 2018 with conditions relating to deliveries.

wcgs_logo1 Arlington Cottages

(01094/H1/P3) Proposal to build a 3-bed house in the rear garden of this Listed building.

WCGS comments submitted on the application (October 2018) are available here.


wcgs_logo58B Wellesley Road

(01177/58B/P11) Proposal to replace roof with an extended glazed top storey.

 WCGS comments submitted on the application are available here.

This application has been called in to the Chiswick Area Forum (November 2018).


wcgs_logoHighway Land outside Gunnersbury Station; Media screen

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