Our Stories, Our Streets

wcgs_logoThis is where we are building up a collection of “our stories” about where we live, our streets and houses – what makes them special, how they came to be the way they are and why we enjoy living in them. The stories will be collected together in alphabetical order of street name.

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Can You Contribute to This Page?

At our AGM on 17th February 2014 it was agreed that we should develop a “local history/heritage” section on our website where we could build up a collection of “our stories”.

Please contribute information (together with photos, if wished) about your street, house or other local building – brief informal notes, along the lines suggested below, would be fine. Use it as an opportunity to talk to your neighbours and build up a picture of your street. Get the kids involved – interviewing neighbours, especially long-standing residents, capturing their stories – could be great fun for both! The Local Studies section of the library has a wealth of information that you can use to help your research and LB Hounslow’s website has documents on the Conservation Areas.

Please e-mail contributions to chair@westchiswick.org.uk


Marie Rabouhans, March 2014


The following is a list of the things it would be desirable to know, but your own comments and stories will be valuable too:


Number/name of house/other building:

Date when built:

Name of builder/architect:

Brief description of building including any special/original features:

Any major modifications:

Any interesting stories of owners/occupants:

Your name and how long you have lived at this address (optional)

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