Latest News – Secretary of State’s Decision on the Chiswick Curve.

The Society has received a copy of the Secretary of States decision letter concerning the appeals for the building and the associated advertisements.

The letter indicates that the Inspector recommended that the appeal be allowed and that planning permission and advertising consent be granted. 

For the reasons given in his letter, the Secretary of State disagrees with the Inspector’s conclusions and disagrees with his recommendation.

He has decided to dismiss the appeals and to refuse planning permission and advertising consent. 

The Society is delighted that the Secretary of State has dismissed the appeals but we are aware that this is not the end of the story as, unfortunately, the developer may challenge the validity of the Secretary of State’s decision by making an application to the High Court within the next six weeks.
We recognise that all planning decisions are a matter of balance between harm and benefit and we strongly endorse the conclusion of the Secretary of State :-
    39. Overall, the Secretary of State disagrees with the Inspector at IR12.164, and finds that the moderate weight to be attached to the benefits of the appeal scheme in     terms of housing provision, workspace provision and economic benefits, are not collectively sufficient to outweigh the great weight attached to the identified ‘less than     substantial’ harm to the significance of the above heritage assets. He considers that the balancing exercise under paragraph 196 of the Framework is therefore not favourable to the proposal. 
    40. The Secretary of State concludes that the proposal is not in accordance with the development plan overall, and that there are no material considerations which     indicate that the proposal should be determined other than in accordance with the development plan.

The Secretary of State’s decision letter together with the Inspector’s Report is available here.

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