Coronavirus: A message to our Members and other local residents

wcgs_logoThe Society appreciates the tremendous community effort that is still being made in our part of London and beyond. We hope that all Members and other local residents know how and where they can seek or offer help during these extraordinary times. Rather than try and summarise or repeat advice in a fast-changing situation, we would encourage you to go to the following sources:

Hounslow Council website has a dedicated Coronavirus section providing advice and details of how to obtain or offer help and support – to see it please click here . The website has details of the Community Support Hub set up by the Council and has links to Government and NHS sites for further information.

Vaccination The local vaccination roll-out appears to be going well. I am delighted that I had my first dose last week at the Chiswick Health Centre – if you have not yet had yours, do get it as soon as you are invited. In the UK and many other countries when we get our vaccine it will be free. Sadly many people are not so fortunate and will not get a vaccine because they/their country cannot afford the cost. The average cost of a vaccine is £15. When you have had your free vaccine, why not donate the equivalent cost to those who are less fortunate? There are several charities running special campaigns, for example, Unicef has a special appeal for coronavirus vaccine support. It is aiming to deliver 2 billion Covid-19 vaccine doses for health workers and the most high risk people on our planet.

Stay strong, stay well, Stay home!

Marie Rabouhans

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